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Brittni is a Love & Logic facilitator who cares deeply about supporting you in your parenting journey. Through group classes or one-on-one parent coaching sessions, Brittni can help you regain control of your parenting game.

Come join us for parenting classes that help parents learn to set and enforce limits in an effective and loving way.

You’ll learn:

How to put an end to whining and arguing.
How to ease morning frustrations and bedtime hassles.
How to avoid power struggles over eating and picking up toys.
How to set limits in a loving way.
How to discipline effectively without using all of your energy.
Why kids constantly try to test their parents and what parents can do.
How to help kids listen the first time without using warnings, threats or reminders.
And much more…

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Class Options

Love & Logic 6 week Course:

In this course, we will meet for 6 weeks for 1.5 hours to cover the Love & Logic material in depth, getting a chance to watch videos of the authors themselves explaining concepts, while interweaving discussion and support from the class.

Pricing: $200 for the 6 week session (includes a notebook and email support)

Love & Logic FAQ:

What is Love & Logic?

Love and Logic is a research backed parenting program that I am a trained facilitator in. Love and Logic teaches parents of children ages 18 months to 18 years how to:

Stay calm when kids misbehave
Gain cooperation the first time
Deliver effective consequences

What is class like?
Attending this parenting class always involves some laughs as well as some thought- provoking discussions. Brittni’s emphasis is on helping parents build healthy, strong relationships with their kids that will last a lifetime.
During each class parents will:

Hear real-life parenting success stories
Do simple exercises to bring the concepts to life
Ask questions about specific parenting issues
Problem solve with other parents

What ages does this apply to?
Love & Logic is applicable to children ages 18 months to 18 years.